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Dr. Laughlin has always had a natural affinity for science, and as he grew, he felt that he could give back by developing a new community of patients and caregivers in the setting of primary care medicine. He joined the St. John Medical Center staff in 1983 after completing family medicine residency at University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. Recently, he surpassed 35 years spent in Tulsa as a primary care doctor. Dr. Laughlin served as president of the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians in 1996-1997, has been named as a “Best Doctor” since 2003 and was named Best of the Best 2018 primary care doctor in Tulsa, by Oklahoma Magazine.


Brent W Laughlin, MD

2000 South Wheeling Avenue, Suite 700

Tulsa, OK 74104

Tel 918-986-7979



As a physician affiliated with MDVIP, I am able to spend ample time on each appointment and therefore provide a more in-depth assessment of your individual needs.  You will be able to get same-day or next-day appointments with me, and you will have time to talk about all of your health concerns and get your questions answered.  You will be able to reach me 24/7 via cell phone, including nights and weekends.  And you will have secure online access to important parts of your medical records through the MDVIP patient portal.

Together we will focus on keeping you well and preventing illness, during each visit and also through the MDVIP Annual Wellness Program.  Your annual membership fee provides for this comprehensive health assessment that includes advanced medical tests and health screenings that are typically not covered by Medicare or commercial insurance.   

Being sick is expensive.  Recent studies in the American Journal of Managed Care has shown that patients who have joined an MDVIP-affiliated practice, all of which include the Annual Wellness Program, had fewer emergency department visits and were admitted to the hospital 70% less often than patients in traditional primary care practices, saving both the healthcare system and patients money.

Should you require treatment for a chronic condition, an illness or an emergency, we are there for you.  While most of your medical conditions can be managed in Tulsa, should you require highly specialized care the MDVIP Centers of Excellence program can arrange consultations at some of the country’s leading medical institutions, including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Mayo Clinic.  And if you need care while traveling out-of-town, I can arrange care with local hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors, which may include an MDVIP-affiliated physician.

The annual membership fee can be paid at once or by installments and may be reimbursed by flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts.  My practice accepts many insurance plans, including Medicare. Your insurance will be billed, and you pay deductibles, copays and co-insurances for regular visits.